Rubber band gun – Lego Glock 17

The popular Glock 17 fully build in Lego bricks. Features an amazing crosshair in the front, rubber band magazine with smart lock mechanism in the handle and last but not least, shoots up to six rubber bands in sequence.



Original design: based on Jack Streats original design

Build instructions:

  • jay

    The rubber band will go out at once. What’s wrong?

    • BrickGuider

      Can you get one rubber band to work? If not, get back to the instructions and try to figure out what is incorrect in your build.

  • robotbuilder811

    Can we get the instructions in lego digital designer file not pdf?

    • robotbuilder811

      never mind I got the pdf from rebrickable and now I see the other file on your website – sorry

  • Dirk

    How do I get the rubber bands inside?